Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Lost dog

Randall looked over at the puppy, "Ya know, it's your fault.  I was so occupied with getting you out of the house, that I would have forgotten my own head if it wasn't attached."

He hit a quick left turn, then a right at the end of the short block.  Ahead, on the sidewalk on the left, was a dog with no leash.  He started slowing down, and finally stopped in the middle of the street opposite the dog, wondering if he was looking at a stray.  A shirtless, tall, slender black man with a shaved head hurried up to the pickup truck.

"Hey man, what you want?"

"I was just looking at the dog, wondering if he had a person."

"He's mine.  Hey, what kind of dog is that?"

"A black lab puppy.  We're on our way to Paw Print."

"Paw Print?  What's that?"

"It's a dog park.  A very nice dog park.

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